距离市中心仅40分钟路程 奥克兰, Waitakere范围 提供40,000 acres of rainforest and rugged coastline, 250公里的步行道, 还有一些令人叹为观止的瀑布.

的 landscape here has been used as a scenic backdrop in many films and TV shows, 包括《bet9注册登录》, "Hercules" and "Xena: Warrior Princess".  这是一个神奇的地方, 充满了神秘的空地, 童话的瀑布, pretty rock pools and devastating terrain.
的 park is a great place for hikes (the famous 希拉里小道 经过这里), with trails leading you through lush woodland to impressive waterfalls including Fairy Falls, Kitekite瀑布和Karekare瀑布. 
Black sand beaches permeate the wild coastline, 观鸟者被宠坏了, with plenty of opportunities to catch kingfishers, 杜鹃和海龟在行动.

Kauri trees are plentiful, as are the famous kiwi silver ferns and rimu trees.  Most outdoor pursuits are available here, 从徒步旅行, 攀岩和划船, 去钓鱼, 皮划艇和降绳.

荒木游客中心 provides detailed maps and guides of what there is to do in the area, and there's a 医生的营地 for those who want to completely immerse themselves in this unspoilt area of real New Zealand.
Visitors can make the most of the peace and serenity right on the city doorstep, and enjoy superb views of the 奥克兰 skyline, from any number of breathtakingly beautiful plateaux dotted around the myriad walking and hiking tracks.

停在 玫瑰海拉比之家 and explore this fine example of a 1930s forest cottage.  Or get your tramping boots on and investigate the loops, nature trails and educational walks that make this picturesque area so famous.

如果你想过夜的话,re are plenty of lodges and camping sites to choose from, 去游客中心问问就知道了.


If visiting open areas of the ranges, stay on track and off kauri roots. Remember to clean all soil off your footwear and other gear every time you enter, or leave a forest area with native trees and at every cleaning station. Use disinfectant after you have removed all the soil.


参观 奥克兰议会网站 to get the latest news on track closures.